The Similarities Between Application Performance Tracking and a 24/7 Code Proofreader


Monitoring of system performance is akin to deploying an around-the-clock code proofreader with the sole task of keeping an eye on your business's website and software code to identify performance issues on uninterruptible terms.  Code writers are fantastic at spotting mistakes that can hinder software functionality, but their experience with the work may have them fail to see more efficient ways to implement the same application concepts and functions.


However, application monitoring to improve performance does not rely on human code proofreaders to catch software errors. Rather, it autonomously enables programmers to fix their work and improve their efficiency in executing tasks.


Agile Software is Akin to a Living Document


When a website or application is the outcome of the agile software development strategy, it is akin to a living document as opposed to traditional newspaper or magazine content. With a living document ongoing changes are allowed, and more importantly, every change in content requires editing. 


If new text or elements are introduced to a living document, redundancy must be avoided by not replicating any content that's existing in the document. Also, easy-to-understand content must not be replaced with a more complex delivery. The same issues are relatable to agile programming where ongoing "proofreading" is mandatory.  Read more great facts on synthetic monitoring, click here. 


The "Proofreading" Function of Performance Monitoring


Software programs, such as for website load testing or uptime testing, can give an accurate measure of the time that's required to complete a specific task. And via performance testing, you can test and compare the time taken to execute a task or command before and after any software tweaks. This monitoring is akin to endless proofreading of a document to ensure that only important and meaningful content changes are retained.


So, the applications and website that your enterprise uses could use a properly-configured performance monitoring tool. Such a tool may even be designed to set off a warning in case software upgrades have resulted in certain tasks taking longer than before to accomplish. The specific upgrade mistake will be identified for correction. If the code behind your online business tools, including your website and software, is optimally efficient, it'll require less server infrastructure capacity to host.  


So, issues like website load testing or uptime monitoring are important to the maintenance of overall system efficiencies in case of incremental code changes. As such, it's essential for your business to embrace around-the-clock performance monitoring or "proofreading" for its website and other applications. Please view this site  for further details.